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Mediators Without Borders has developed an accessible model of mediation and arbitration training that allows you to measure the efficacy of your work by employing a simple three-phase model to the practice of mediation, arbitration, and restorative justice. Mediators Without Borders is a sponsoring organization for its proprietary research-based InAccord Conflict Analysis® model and provides our students with the model and survey instruments to use in private practice or within organizations that employ our alumni. As you read this and have questions, please take a look at our FAQ page.

Live Classroom Training InAccord
Mediation and Arbitration Certificate Courses

Our InAccord 40 hour Mediation course and our Arbitration Certificate Training are each offered in live classroom trainings throughout the country and internationally. The courses combine a three day 24 hour intensive with an additional 16 hours of self-paced distance learning to provide you with a comprehensive and collaborative certificate training.

Mediation & Arbitration:

5-day intensive

Workplace/HR Concentration:

3-day intensive

Health and Eldercare  Concentration:

3-day intensive

Family Concentration: 

5-day intensive

Divorce & Parenting Time Mediation
Classroom training only

Students may add the internship course to any of the individual certificate courses.


Call for more information or
to enroll over the phone: 1.877.268.5337

Online InAccord Graduate Credit Courses with Excelsior College

Mediators Without Borders, in partnership with Excelsior College, offers a 16 credit hour Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Dispute Resolution to apply to your advanced degree.
These four courses for 16 graduate credits include:
  • MBA/MWB 600 InAccord Mediation Certificate
  • MBA/MWB 605 Mediation Applied Practice Internship Certificate
  • MBA/MWB 610 Workplace Mediation Certificate
  • MBA/MWB 620 Arbitration Certificate
For more information, call:
Kathryn Saintcross

Identify yourself as an MWB student, and ask for Kate.

Or Email identify yourself as “Mediators Without Borders”student in the subject line, and address the email to Kate Saintcross.

Online Certified InAccord
Mediation and Arbitration Certificate Programs

There are two concentrations available online in the four-course Certified Programs:

Workplace Concentration

  • MWB 600: Mediation
  • MWB 620: Arbitration
  • MWB 610: Workplace/HR Mediation
  • MWB 680: Internship

Restorative Justice/Community Concentration

  • MWB 600: Mediation
  • MWB 620: Arbitration
  • MWB 640: Restorative Justice
  • MWB 680: Internship

Any of our courses may be taken as an individual certificate course in our interactive online campus. Individual courses and internship are priced at $995. Certificates include:

Students may add the internship course to any of the individual certificate courses.

Call for more information or
to enroll over the phone: 1.877.268.5337


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